creatingcarlyThis blog is about my recovery and journey of creating myself. I want to become as healthy and fit as possible, and also be as positive as I can. I'm making myself the person I want to be. And on this blog I am 100% honest about everything on my journey.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"


Back when I first started running, I couldn’t even run a mile without feeling like I was going to just keel over and die. Like, seriously leave me on the street to die because I refuse to run 50 more yards. It’s not happening, home slice. But I kept running for the same reason a lot of people do: to get in shape. 

Somewhere down the line I had this really good run, and I experienced for the first time, the famously life-changing runner’s high. I was hooked. And now, here I am. And accomplished marathon runner who frequents in races and actually enjoys running. 

But upping my mileage wasn’t easy for me. I started out maybe doing 4-5 miles a week, now I run on average between 20-30 miles a week. There are various steps you can take to actually upping your weekly mileage, and here are some of the things I did to help myself become the runner I am today.

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"Your diet, exercise routine and stress level lay the foundation for how you feel, so fuel your bod with good nutrition, break a little sweat each day and set aside time to unwind. Because it’s hard to feel bad about a body you’re taking great care of. "

"But it’s so fun to get back in shape. The progress is so tangible, and week by week you can feel the improvement. Celebrate the longest run of X months, the fastest mile, the healthiest day, etc. Some days will inevitably be better or worse than others, and you have to do all the little things with even more of an emphasis. Enjoy that a slow run is still a run, and a step, no matter how small, is still moving you towards the eventual goal. "

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